Dark Chocolate Ganache

One simple recipe can be used for so many things – with ganache you can glaze a cake, pipe it into tartlets, and even make chocolate truffles if you cool it down fully. Made with a good, flavoursome chocolate and plant-based milks – we sometimes just have this plain with a spoon.


Time and Serving Size:

Time: 25 mins (+35 with tart base)

Serving size: Icing for 1 medium sized cake or large pie


Rich and creamy, this ganache is all about the quality of chocolate you use. Top with crushed hazelnuts pieces, and a dusting of instant coffee or cacao powder


– 100ml oat milk

– 100ml coconut milk

– 185g dark chocolate (we used 65% cocoa solids, vegan, and sweetened with coconut flower sugar)

– 60g maple syrup

– 20g coconut oil




1. Boil the combined milks in a saucepan. (We use coconut milk for the creaminess, and we add oat to have a more neutral taste so it doesn’t overwhelm the depth of the chocolate).

2. Add in chunks of the chocolate and stir in

3. Add in the maple syrup and coconut oil and mix well until you have a homogenous emulsion. Mix for 2 minutes, but not much longer or air bubbles will form inside. You want the ganache to be creamy and glossy, – air bubbles prevent that.

4. Let the mixture cool to a luke warm temperature and use it to pour into a tart base (to make a chocolate tart), or pour over a cake for a fail-proof glaze.


Lasts 5 days in the refridgerator

Tip: Add a quarter tea spoon of salt to bring out extra flavour


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