Chocolatier’s Collection 4 x 33g & 3 x 100g

£ 15.00

Chocolatier’s Collection

Our complete chocolatier’s collection, featuring all four flavours of our individual bars and all three flavours of our sharing bars, is the perfect introduction to Rhythm 108’s range of chocolate or an ideal gift for someone who just can’t pick their favourite!

  • 1 Chocolate Orange 33g bar
  • 1 Hazelnut Praline 33g bar
  • 1 Creamy Coconut 33g bar
  • 1 Almond & Sea Salt 33g bar
  • 1 Dark Cocoa Orange 100g bar
  • 1 Mint Fondant 100g bar
  • 1 Hazelnut Truffle 100g bar


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