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Apricot Tart

Its apricot season! At this time of year its tradition here to use this sweet plump fruit to make jam with your family and share with your friends and neighbours. We decided to use this delicious seasonal fruit to make a fresh fragrant Tart aux Abricots (Apricot Tart). We hope you enjoy making it and…

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Raspberry Macaron

We loved our little macarons so much that we couldn’t resist re-creating them but, this time with an extra special touch! These delicious morsels are a little bigger in this recipe and are filled with fresh raspberries and vanilla mousseline cream. Raspberry Macaron Ingredients for the macaron100 g chickpea water100...

Strawberry Fraisier

To celebrate the start of the strawberry season here in Switzerland and RHYTHM 108’s BIRTHDAY we have put together this deliciously decadent fraisier cake. It is made with a light génoise sponge, sweet fresh strawberries and a creamy vanilla mousseline filling.  It’s the perfect cake for a celebration on any...

Tarte au Citron

It’s not always easy getting the balance of flavour, texture and consistency right with gluten-free and vegan baking, but our talented bakers here in Switzerland are always working on developing new techniques and recipes to make the most delicious Sunday Bakes.  We love pushing the boundaries of traditional patisserie and...

Chocolate Chip Cookies

We’re celebrating the launch of our new M’lk & Hazelnut Truffle Chocolate bar with this chocolate chip cookie recipe. They’re super quick and easy to make and delicious too, of course! Perfect for a simple Sunday bake. Every recipe comes with its own Spotify Playlist (bottom of page). This weeks playlist...


Our bakers have been working hard to perfect this iconic petit-four - The Macaron – using their knowledge of traditional baking and experience in plant-based pâtisserie we have created the perfect vegan macaron. With a soft nutty centre and a light crisp shell these macarons are impossible to resist!  Every...


If this period has made us value one thing – it’s that we can make a difference.  Today, just the small act of staying at home is helping the entire world fight this pandemic – we’ve all had our part to play and in some ways it feels so empowering...

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