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Fruity Macaron Nests

It’s officially the start of summer and for us here at the bakery summer means sweet seasonal fruit! Here’s a delicious take on our macaron recipe: topped with raspberries and cream, these delicious bites have the perfect mix of light crisp macaron and creamy vanilla mousseline. Piled high with fresh raspberries they make the best…

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Raspberry Tartlets (Tarte aux Framboises)

Sweet crisp base, soft coconut cream and fresh raspberries make this tartlet. It’s a staple pâtisserie here in Switzerland traditionally made with crème pâtisserie. We’ve put together our own plant-based version using our gluten free tart base recipe and deliciously smooth coconut cream. Perfect for munching on a sunny spring...

Raspberry and White Chocolate Bundt Cake

The Swiss Gugelupf Cake has been around for a long time and has undergone many transformations from neighbouring Germany, France and Austria. Its also made its way to America, where its known as Bundt Cake. We’ve been inspired by this delicious comforting cake and would like to share our easy...

Gâteau au chocolat

There so many difference types of gâteau in Switzerland, bakeries are overflowing with beautifully hand-crafted pâtisseries, chocolates and bonbons. Here at our bakery, we’ve come up with our own delicious Swiss sweet treat – gâteau au chocolat ;  a perfectly buttery sablé biscuit, topped with light, fluffy chocolate mousse and...

Truffes au Chocolat

Chocolate Truffles or Truffes au Chocolat have been around for quite a while, since 1895 in fact! Invented by French pâtissiers, they are renowned for their smooth, rich, chocolately filling and cocoa dusted exterior. Our pâtissiers, here in our Swiss bakery, have been working on a delicious recipe that combines...

Sweet Candied Orange and Coconut Cream Crêpes

Crêpes are a staple food here in Switzerland and neighbouring France.  We piled our plant-based crêpes high sandwiched between layers of delicious creamy coconut, drizzled with sweet orange syrup and topped with candied oranges and zest. Crepes <strong>Pancake Batter</strong>170 g oat flour25 g cornflour75 ml almond375 ml milk1-2 tbsp maple...

Mousse au Chocolat

Creating light airy textures is always a challenge, but this simple recipe does the trick! Chocolatey, velvety, and so light – this is as close to perfection in a dessert as possible. Try it as traditional Mousse au Chocolat, or if you want a more impressive treat, use it to...

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